° In the united states of America, the so-called “land of the free,” we lock up people at the highest rates in the world. More specifically, we lock up more children than any other country.


° In 2015,  law enforcement arrested nearly 1 million kids under the age of 18. That’s a 56% drop since 2006.   The year I was arrested in 1997, that number was more than double at 2.8 million, thanks in part to the super predator rhetoric of the Clinton Administration.

° Of the 2.3 million people currently serving time in the US, 79,000 are kids with another 20,000 living in residential treatment centers otherwise known as group homes. Most were arrested for non-violent crimes.


° Around 40% are incarcerated in privatized, for-profit facilities.


° Within five years of being released from prison, 76.6% will return through the revolving door. What’s the secret of the other 24%? Mine was having acquired a mentor. That’s 3 out of every four prisoners!


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